Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tons of knitting projects

I noticed I'm more productive the longer I'm around fellow crafty types. 
Case in point, when I hang out with my friend Jennifer. When we are together, we will knit, hang out in yarn shops, and talk about upcoming projects. We also help each other with confusing pattern parts, and be 'bad' influences to each other. 

Lately, I've been knitting a lot more. It's portable- I can knit on the trolley and in a waiting room- and super compact. I can also watch fun things on Netflix and TCM and work without extra noise in the background. 

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

I have some upcoming projects, and works in progress, and a finished object to share with you today. 

In the upcoming category, I fell in love with the gorgeous knitted blouse Squidneyknits made for Dita VonTeese, and I felt I needed one of my own. 

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

Bought the pattern from SubverisiveFemme's Etsy, and picked the yarn color, nice soft pink. 

Next, I've been coveting Susan Crawfords Stitch In Time books for ages. They've been out of print for some time, so I turned to my library. They didn't have Crawfords edition, rather the original 70s one. I photographed as many interesting patterns as I could, and chose the Light and Lovely as my go-to.  Thankfully I'm close to the standard knitting size of the 40's!

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

It will make up lovely in this blue. 

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

I am not sure what the sweet potato-colored yarn will be, but I'm thinking something with cables?

I'm currently working on a cardigan that I might enter into the county fair if I play my cards right. 

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

The cables are super fun and the pattern is easy to remember. I changed the length some, so I shall see how the button holes are effected when I get there. 

I also started on a sweater that will take me a lot of time to create. 

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

I'm embarking on the Egyptian sweater, because I love myself and I love challenges. When Janey mentioned it on her blog ages ago, I knew I wanted to make it. 

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

Did I mention the colorwork is repeated on the back? Haha. I am in no rush to finish this. I might cheat and just do pyramids on the back, I dunno. 

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

I only finished one knitted item in 2016. The Victory beret that ByGumByGolly designed. I knit another for a friend, and hopefully will have a pattern review up in the coming days. 

TinyAngryCrafts, 1940s, knitting

So there's a lot of fibre in this post (haha I'm terrible I know), but it will all delightful vintage knits I will wear when it begins to cool off again. 

What are things you're currently knitting?
Do you enjoy vintage knits? 

Monday, March 13, 2017

The most darling suit

I don't know what it is about a modern suit, but I always feel weird in one.

I'm always either too tightly enveloped in some areas, or too loose in others. In a word, unflattering.

TinyAngryCrafts, 1950s suit

Since getting into vintage fashion, I've been wanting a suit to call my own. I've come close while shopping, but they'd always be out of my price range. Thank goodness for instagram. I was checking out some instasale pages, and saw that CanaryClubSale had a suit for sale.

There were a few flaws, but nothing my little fingers couldn't fix. (Missing button? No problem, salvage that extra seam fabric!)
I asked about size, and decided to bite the bullet.

TinyAngryCrafts, 1950s suit

It arrived a couple days later, and I tried it on. It fit like a glove!

TinyAngryCrafts, 1950s suit

TinyAngryCrafts, 1950s suit

I've got lordosis, so fit in skirts is often hit or miss. For a pencil skirt, this is a hit! I need to give it a bit of love, and take it to the cleaners, but I am so so so happy with this purchase. I'm smelling a new collection brewing.

TinyAngryCrafts, 1950s suit

Do you have any vintage suits?
Have you had to do a bit of jerry-rigging to fix a garment?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Product Review- Dutch Label Shop

Back in, oh goodness, mid-June I was contacted by Abby from the Dutch Label Shop asking if I'd like some free label samples. Due to loads of family things happening over the summer, I got back to her- in a totally timely fashion- in August.

She was very kind and set me up with some custom labels, which makes my projects look fifty times more awesome.

The Dutch Label Shop is a delightful place; they'll offer labels for smaller companies and home sewists, say an order of 30 labels, as to not overwhelm with a box full. If you're a small business and would like an entire streamlined look for your garment company, they offer logo labels, care labels, and hang tags. A one stop shop from one small business to another!

All are made with the utmost care, and will get to you in about a week!

I am in love with my labels, and I am already excited to get more down the line!

Thank you so much Abby, and the Dutch Label Shop!


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